Capture Love in the Air with Beach Photography

Capture Love in the Air with Beach Photography

As the sunset dips low into the crystal blue ocean, painting the sky with light oranges, pinks and purples, you lean your head on your sweetheart’s chest, breathing in the refreshing smell of the lazily flowing waves and feeling the soft, warm sand under your bare toes. Glancing around and taking in nature’s beauty, you wish this moment would never end.

Surprise ProposalAll of a sudden, your partner leans in and whispers he loves you, before getting down on one knee to ask you the question you have been waiting on for months.

It’s a scene made for photos: the love of your life, down on one knee in a traditional proposal position with your ecstatic reaction to his question on your face and the beautiful Florida sunset as the backdrop. This is a moment you will want to relive continuously with your soon-to-be spouse. Luckily, your spouse-to-be planned ahead and hired a professional photographer to capture images of the surprise proposal, followed by an engagement portrait session.

Surprise Proposal On the BeachWith beach portraits from Photocraft by Tom Warriner, you can freeze this precious moment in time. If you are planning to propose to your true love, capture and cherish your memories from your proposal for years to come with a professional beach photo shoot. From breathtaking proposal photos to romantic engagement portraits, honor the love you share with your partner, and relive this major moment in your relationship for the rest of time.

Engagement PhotographyWhether you are planning a surprise proposal on the beach, or you simply desire a romantic background for your engagement photos, beach and location portraits are stunning works of art to display in your home for friends, family, guests, and, of course, for yourself to admire. Be the envy of those who chose to have traditional engagement photos taken, and proudly put your relationship on display in beautiful scenes from Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Beach Engagement PhotosRather than have your engagement portraits shot indoors in a musty studio, get some high quality, passionate, dazzling images taken outdoors in the beautiful Florida sunshine. With amazing sunrises, sunsets and sunny days in between, the beach offers tons of natural scenes and fun options, making it the perfect setting for your photos, from sultry evening shots to playful fun-in-the-sun portraits.

Location Engagement PhotosPhotographic portraits are keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime, and the day you proposed is a memory your fiancé will never forget. Combine the two and capture the love and amazement of the moment with Photocraft by Tom Warriner. To learn more or to book your beach photography session, give us a call at 850-803-1161 today.

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