Preserve Precious Memories with a Children’s Photo Portrait Session


How often has a relative or friend looked at your child and said, “I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. It seems like just yesterday that she could barely sit up alone, and now she’s running. Time really flies, doesn’t it?”  Yes, time does fly! Today, your little boy is sitting on the floor playing with his Hot Wheels cars, but, in what will seem like the blink of an eye, he’ll be learning to drive a real car.

Have you been documenting the special times in your children’s lives? If so, where are those photographs now? Did you save your photos on a CD? Does your new computer even have a CD player? Are the children’s pictures on your telephone? Have you backed up the images somewhere, or will they be gone forever when you drop your phone in the lake or someone steals it?


You probably shoot a lot of photos of your child, but never have them printed. Back in the old days, when pictures were shot on film, all photos were printed, but because of the expense of film and the limited number of images available per roll of film, we were all very careful about what we shot. Now, people shoot many images of the same thing, just because they can. That leads to an enormous number of images to wade through later to find the very best ones. That can be overwhelming, and most people just keep putting the task off. In the meantime, they take many more photos and make the pool of images so deep that “wading” is no longer possible.

Someday, when your child is grown and brings that special someone home to meet the parents, or you’re babysitting your grandchildren, will you have a way to show the photos of son or daughter’s special life events? Remember that it’s not enough to just take pictures of the birthday party or the prom couple. You must have a way to preserve them for the future.

Assuming that you find the time to jump into that deep pool of images on your phone, what if none of those hundreds of images on are very good? Print some of them anyway. They’re better than nothing, which is what you will have otherwise. It’s all right if the photo of little Billy jumping into the swimming pool is a little blurry or the light is not great. They still tell the story and show what he looked like at the time. However, our suggestion is to have a professional photographer, like Photocraft by Tom Warriner (of course) take some casual shots, as well as some posed portraits every year or two, and also to document the really special events in your child’s life.


Sure, the photographer will send you digital images, but will you print them or just add them to the ever-deepening pool? The best way to preserve those professional images is to let the professional print them for you. The quality will be much better than anything you’ll receive from a superstore photo lab or most online print services. They’ll cost a little more, but remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” If you want to order one of each image, usually, you’ll find that your best deal will be to order an album. You’ll get all your favorite images in an attractive book at a much lower price than if you ordered individual prints. Plus, it’s much easier to store a book than individual prints.

Call 850-803-1161 or email today to schedule your children’s or family’s outdoor portrait session. We’ll shoot casual and posed photos. Don’t wake up on your child’s wedding day and realize that you have not documented those precious memories of when your child was young.  


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