Senior Portraits

The world is waiting. You’re ready for the next chapter in your life. You’re a high school senior and will graduate in a few short months. Your parents want to take you to a professional photographer to take your senior portrait. You ask them, “Why are senior portraits so important?” 
For many people it’s the first and last time they have a portrait taken. Capitalize on the opportunity, because you may not get another one. After high school, the “adult” world appears like the sun rising over the horizon, and it’s tough to squeeze out the time to glam up and get a portrait done. Your senior portrait is a time capsule or, better yet, a fossilized piece of amber.
Amber is a unique preservationist, able to preserve an organism. Scientists have discovered a variety of things trapped in amber, including spiders, flowers and hair. This is helpful in reconstructing not only the organisms themselves, but also the ecosystems. There are worlds at our fingertips!
A senior portrait is similar, as the camera preserves your youthful essence in an amber glam shot. Exchanging senior pictures with classmates is exchanging fossils. You will not see some of your classmates for the rest of your life. Many of you are going separate ways. Senior pictures are high school archaeological records. It may be all you have left of someone, all you have left of an era.
While many associate senior portraits with girls, they appeal to boys too! Senior portraits represent the shift from boy to man. It is something to show children and grandchildren – “Papa in the prime of his youth.” Youthfulness is something to cherish, a familial connection between grandfather and grandson.
At Photocraft by Tom Warriner, we want to fossilize you in amber, preserve that moment when you make the leap from childhood’s end to the beginning of adulthood.
If you’re in Birmingham, AL area, let us take your senior portrait! Don’t worry – we’ll come to you. Contact us for pricing and availability!